Tully James Wilkinson- With Our Heads Held High

I have to start off and say that this one is pretty personal,  as I’ve known Tully James Wilkinson since grade school. In high school we used to sit on the bus and share bands back and forth (he did most of the sharing, and I’m still pretty grateful for that). I remember when Tully first started into music, he was incredibly talented, but he needed to grow into his own. Tully’s lyrics are extremely narrative based, and some songs are even a little bit personal. For instance, his song, “Empire,” is about his family, and some of the things they’ve been through. Between his folksy sound and poetic lyrics, Wilkinson’s music will definitely get you. I’ve debated back and forth about posting this video, because I didn’t want you all to think that I was posting it just because he’s a friend. The truth is that Tully’s newest work is absolutely wonderful, and I’m excited to see him continue to break out into the Orange County music scene. According to his  Facebook  (where you can download two of his songs), the single and the record should be released pretty soon. For now though, here’s a video for “With Our Heads Held High.”

P.S. The artwork is mine, Tully asked me to create it for him this last summer. It’s not the album cover, just a little something for his Facebook page.

About alysonw

I'm a full time design student in the LA/OC area. I'm not a writer by any means, but I'll do what I can to share good music when I find it.
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