mewithoutYou- Ten Stories

Rating: A
For Fans of: Thrice, The Chariot, La Dispute, Listener, and weird music with great lyrics

mewithoutYou’s newest album, Ten Stories, previewed on equally frustrating and wonderful Spotify late last week. I’ve had the chance now to listen to it for hours on end so I can tell you all exactly what I think. After It’s All Crazy! many die-hard mwY fan’s were worried about the direction this new album would go in. Months ago, Ricky addressed fans and said, “If you liked us pre It’s All Crazy, you will probably really really like this record. If you got into us because of It’s All Crazy, you will probably dig this record. If you are holding your breath waiting for A to B life part two, I can’t help you there.” True to his word, this album has a little bit of something for everyone, the exception being A to B Life fans of course. To be completely honest with you, I probably couldn’t choose a favorite track even if I wanted to. Cardiff Giant is upbeat and dare I say catchy, while East Enders Wives has a dark underlying tone to it. Hayley Williams vocals on Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume are so flattering to the song, it adds such a nice touch. Throughout the album, every song flows in and out of one another, which makes it seem even more incredible that mwY could capture so many different tones. As usual, mwY’s lyrics need a review all their own, they’re still just as fantastic and thought-provoking as ever. Still, I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something missing from this album that stops me from giving it an all around A++. It’s only a little thought inside the back of my head, but in some ways I wonder if instead of making music that made them happy they tried to appease their fans. Ten Stories drops tomorrow, so be sure to give it a listen and decide for yourselves.

About alysonw

I'm a full time design student in the LA/OC area. I'm not a writer by any means, but I'll do what I can to share good music when I find it.
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